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Italian Roasted Potatoes with Andouille Sausage

Italian Roasted Potatoes with Andouille Sausage

Italian Roasted Potatoes with Andouille Sausage

what I used in ()

  • 6 Russet Potatoes (organic)
  • 4 Andouille Chicken Sausages (Open Nature)
  • 4 TBS Butter (Simply Organic unsalted)
  • 1 TBS Parmesan (Messana grated)
  • 1 tsp Italian Seasoning (bulk from Sprout’s)
  • 1 tsp Garlic Powder (Simply Organic)

Preheat oven to 350º.  Cut potatoes in half long ways then slice about 1/4″ thick.  do the same to the sausages.  Cut butter up into pieces.  Spray a glass casserole dish (5x7ish) with cooking spray or butter, then make three layers of: Potatoes, butter, italian seasoning, garlic powder then sausage (do not put parm in until dish is done).  After all ingredients are layered in dish place in oven for 20-30 min.  Stir ingredients to get bottom potatoes to top and vise versa then cook an additional 20-30 min.  Remove from oven and sprinkle with the Parmesan.  Totally on my favorites list, I loved it, so glad I had to wing it for breakfast this morning that I discovered this amazing dish!!!


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Healthier Seasoned Sausage Balls

  Seasoned Sausage Balls (HGN Style)

  • 5 cups of my Quick Mix Baking Mix
  • 2 1/2 lbs sausage (you can use beef, pork, turkey or chicken; I used all natural pork here)
  • 3 cups shredded raw cheddar cheese
  • 1 t minced onion
  • 2 t Italian seasoning
  • 1/2 t garlic powder
  • 1/4 t turmeric

Combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly until all ingredients are incorporated entirely and it is all sticking together…. yes, this will require your hands so remove your jewelry and scrub up ;).  Pinch off enough to roll into 1-1 1/2 inch balls and place on cookie sheet.  Bake in 350º oven for 20 minutes or until cooked thoroughly and a nice browning has taken place.  Yields approximately 85-90 sausage balls, so adjust recipe to the size you need or freeze the extra for quick breakfasts or snacks. My kids like them with ranch dressing, my bbq (you can buy that here) or maple syrup, I like them plain. ENJOY!


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Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza

This week we are visiting my sister and dear friend Angela. I will be posting recipes from both me and her this week.

Tonight is Angela’s Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza. Who needs take out for playing games and watching movies you can have this???

Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza

  • Dough (use this recipe just roll dough out on cookie sheets or pizza stones and par bake)
  • Pasta sauce (I use Muir Glen Organic Sauce if I don’t make my own)
  • Shredded cheese (I use raw cheddar, Angela omits the cheese most of the time)
  • Toppings of choice (we used pepperoni, sausage, pineapple, ham, mushrooms, celery and onions)

Once the crusts are par baked (you can do this at 350º until no longer doughy on top) remove from oven and top with sauce, toppings and cheese and return to oven and bake at 400º Until cheese is starting to turn  lightly golden.

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Pancake and Sausage Muffins

Hey, I like pancakes and sausage, why not make them together in an easy and convenient muffin??? You can eat this just as they are, or like I did with real maple syrup.  I found this recipe here.

    Pancake and Sausage Muffins

  • 2 c whole wheat flour (I used soft white wheat)
  • 1 t baking powder
  • 1/2 t sea salt
  • 1 1/2 c milk or buttermilk (I use raw dairy or almond milk)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 c melted butter
  • 1/2 lb cooked sausage

Mix dry ingredients first, then add milk, eggs and butter, stir in the sausage last.  Pour into buttered muffin tins.  Makes about 18 muffins.  Bake at 350º for 15-20 min.

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Sausage and Egg Puff

Sausage and Egg Puffs

  • 6  eggs, beaten
  • 1lb. sausage browned and drained (I used chicken, free-range)
  • 1 c biscuit baking mix (I use my quick mix)
  • 1 c Shredded Raw cheddar cheese
  • 1 3/4 – 2 c Milk (I used almond)
  • 1 t dry mustard
  • 1/2 t dried oregano

Mix all ingredients. Cover and refrigerate.

Heat oven to 350º.  Pour mixture into greased 2 quart casserole dish.  Bake until knife inserted in center comes out clean approx. 1 hour.

I served with salsa over top.

 sausage egg puff