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Why I Mill My Wheat

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A lot of people have asked why I mill my own wheat.  Here is my best answer:  Wheat begins an oxidation process once the berry has been broken.  Oxidation breaks down and destroys the nutrients in the wheat, so you lose it’s nutritional value after a certain period of time. To receive full benefit of the flour, you have to bake with it fairly quickly, within the first day or two is highly recommended.  Fresh Milled flour still has all the parts to it that the traditional processing of store bought flours strip from it. For instance, the oils and wheat germ make the flour go rancid after a while, so to boost shelf life they remove these things in the processing of the wheat but in doing so, we are loosing most of the nutrients, not to mention the fact that having the whole part of the wheat berry present during digestion can decrease adverse reactions to wheat because it works together as a whole.

Now if you notice some flour companies will ‘enrich’ their bread to make it seem more nutritious,  but it’s just a  feeble attempt to synthetically add back some of what they have taken, not really adding back any benefit really. So for me, milling is just the better choice.  I know it’s not for everyone, but it IS for me 🙂


**edited to add this link, it’s just another neat breakdown of why she mills her wheat and I thought it was interesting, you might too.


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